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Freeze Brand Preparation & Application

Veterinary Services

Freeze Branding Freeze branding is a very cold branding iron, I prefer the commercially made brass irons. L+H Branding Irons in North Dakota is where I have purchase them over the years. With freeze branding the pigment follicle responsible for the color of your horse can be changed while leaving the growth follicle (hair) intact. After healing, the hair that will grow back will be white in color and give...

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Pre-Purchasing a Horse…What do I need to know?

Vet Blast

Have your horse “vetted out.” Your veterinarian should be contacted and requested to perform a pre-purchase examination of any horse you might consider purchasing.  A pre-purchase examination is entirely different from a veterinary examination pertaining to normal vaccinations, deworming, or any other sort of veterinary procedure.  Generally, horses are sold with no warranties, with some limits, and if the buyer elects not to have the horse “vetted out,” the buyer...

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Dental Problems – Learn to Recognize Your Horse’s

Dental Health

Horses with dental problems may show obvious signs, such as pain or irritation, or they may show no noticeable signs at all. This is because some horses simply adapt to their discomfort. For this reason, periodic dental examinations are essential to your horse’s health. It is important to catch dental problems early. If a horse starts behaving abnormally, dental problems should be considered as a potential cause. Waiting too long...

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