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Training Disciplines


Reined Cow Horse



Resident Western Trainer

In January 2019, Ricky Nicolazzi, along with a few loyal customers, joined Bandalero Ranch as the head trainer of Rogers Heaven Sent Ranch. Ricky Nicolazzi has had an extensive career in the horse riding and training industry. He began riding horses in the early 1990s and gained experience working with notable figures such as Don Boyd, Marco Formantin, Martin Larcombe, and Bob Avila. His journey led him to become an assistant to Bob Avila in 1998, which likely provided him with valuable insights and opportunities to refine his skills. In 2016, Ricky and his family made a significant move to Scottsdale, where he collaborated with his longtime friend Andrea Fappani. Such a partnership likely indicates a shared vision and a high level of trust and respect between the two individuals. Contact Ricky Nicolazzia at (530) 615-7755

Resident Reining Trainer

Dallas and Mandy’s shared goal is to cultivate happy, willing, and athletic equine partners, while also fostering trust, confidence, and harmony between both horses and riders. Their approach emphasizes a well-rounded development that encompasses not only technical skills and discipline but also the enjoyment and fulfillment of both the horse and the rider. Their philosophy on horse training emphasizes simplicity and customization to suit each horse’s individual requirements, prioritizes the development of well-rounded horses, which likely involves a holistic approach encompassing physical conditioning, behavioral training, and perhaps even emotional well-being.

By adhering to the principle of “keep it simple,” Dallas and Mandy may advocate for straightforward techniques and exercises that are easy for both the horse and the handler to understand and execute. This approach can help build a solid foundation of trust and communication between the horse and its trainer, fostering a positive learning environment.

Additionally, by tailoring their training programs to accommodate the unique characteristics and needs of each horse, Dallas and Wedel demonstrates an understanding of the importance of adapting his methods to suit different personalities, temperaments, and skill levels. This personalized approach can contribute to more effective training outcomes and ultimately lead to the development of well-rounded, confident, and cooperative equine partners.

Overall, their commitment to simplicity, customization, and the holistic development of horses reflects a thoughtful and conscientious approach to horse training that prioritizes the welfare and success of the animals under their care.