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Dallas Wedel

Dallas and Mandy’s shared goal is to cultivate happy, willing, and athletic equine partners, while also fostering trust, confidence, and harmony between both horses and riders. Their approach emphasizes a well-rounded development that encompasses not only technical skills and discipline but also the enjoyment and fulfillment of both the horse and the rider.

Achieving this balance involves several key elements:

  1. Technical Skills: Dallas and Mandy likely focus on developing the necessary technical skills for both horse and rider to excel in their chosen discipline, whether it be dressage, jumping, western riding, or another discipline. This includes mastering fundamental riding techniques, understanding proper horse care and management, and refining specific skills relevant to their chosen discipline.
  2. Discipline: While they strive to create a positive and enjoyable training environment, Dallas and Mandy also understand the importance of discipline in achieving success. Consistent training methods, clear communication, and setting achievable goals are likely central components of their approach.
  3. Fun Experience: They recognize that enjoyment and fun are essential for both horses and riders to thrive. Incorporating variety, creativity, and interactive activities into their training programs can help keep sessions engaging and enjoyable for all involved.
  4. Building Trust: Trust forms the foundation of the relationship between horse and rider. Dallas and Mandy likely prioritize building trust through patient, empathetic, and respectful interactions with their horses. This involves understanding and responding to the horse’s needs, building confidence through positive reinforcement, and fostering a mutual bond based on trust and understanding.
  5. Confidence: Confidence is key for both horses and riders to perform at their best. Dallas and Mandy likely employ progressive training methods that gradually build confidence in both horse and rider, setting them up for success in increasingly challenging situations.

By integrating these principles into their training philosophy, Dallas and Mandy strive to create a positive, enriching experience that not only develops skilled and competent equestrians but also strengthens the bond between horse and rider, resulting in happy, willing, and confident partnerships.




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