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Rogers Bandalero Ranch is designed to be a high-end equine sports facility, surpassing any facility in the southwest; offering equestrian services to our community and beyond that are state-of-the-art for both Western and English performance horses. The goal of Rogers Bandalero Ranch is simple, to offer the best facility and staff to achieve a first-class training programs, foal production, veterinary and rehabilitation services. We are dedicated to improving the horse industry by having the best training programs, state of the art reproductive facility, breeding program, fine stallions at stud and rehabilitation services. We are fully committed to strengthening our ties with our customers in helping them achieve their personal goals. We will continue to advance with cutting edge technology, sound business, horsemanship and superior bloodlines as we strive to be a leader in the industry. Thank you for your interest in Rogers Bandalero Ranch. We are located in the beautiful city of Tucson, Arizona at 8526 E. Tanque Verde Road. Our facility is easily visible and accessible to the Tucson community and are approximately twenty minutes from the fairgrounds. We look forward to meeting you!
~The Rogers Family

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Our Blog

Freeze Brand Preparation & Application

Freeze Branding Freeze branding is a very cold branding iron, I prefer the commercially made brass irons. L+H Branding Irons in North Dakota is where I have purchase them over the years. With freeze branding the pigment follicle responsible for the color of your horse can be changed while leaving the growth follicle (hair) intact. After healing, the hair that will grow back will be white in color and give...

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A Foal’s First Year of Life Care

First 24 hours: Have a veterinarian perform a newborn foal exam and pull blood for assessment of Passive Transfer (i.e., foal’s blood IgG levels after consumption of colostrum).  Any irregular findings or concerns during this visit can then be discussed and a plan created to move forward with to try and maximize the foal’s neonatal health and long-term success.  This is also a crucial time to identify any limb conformation...

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A Mare’s Stages of Delivery

Labor is divided into 3 stages: Stage 1 begins with the onset of contractions and generally lasts one to two hours. Even in a normal delivery, the mare may stand up, lie down and roll several times in an effort to properly position the foal for delivery. During this phase, contractions move the foal through the cervix and into position in the birth canal. The fetal membranes (allantois) may become...

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Platinum Performance individual nutritional supplementation is available at Bandalero Ranch. Together we can help you make well-informed decisions regarding equine supplementation for their daily wellness, performance, rehabilitation and breeding needs.