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Searching for Information on the Internet


The internet is a remarkable resource readily available at our fingertips, anytime any day.  How do you know what you are reading is accurate?  How do you know if that source can be trusted?  Below are some helpful tips to help interpret the abundance of equine-related articles out there on the internet. Well known sites: Start with sites you know and check the date. Anything older than five years of...

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Dental Problems – Learn to Recognize Your Horse’s

Dental Health

Horses with dental problems may show obvious signs, such as pain or irritation, or they may show no noticeable signs at all. This is because some horses simply adapt to their discomfort. For this reason, periodic dental examinations are essential to your horse’s health. It is important to catch dental problems early. If a horse starts behaving abnormally, dental problems should be considered as a potential cause. Waiting too long...

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The New Rogers HSR Blog Is Here!


Welcome to the Heaven Sent Ranch Blog. Here you will find information about our quarter horses, shows, breeding information and sales promotions. We look forward to sharing information with you.

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