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Mare Services


Dr. Lindholm provides a comprehensive array of mare breeding services tailored to diverse needs. These include artificial insemination using fresh, shipped-cooled, or frozen-thawed semen. Mare owners can choose between outpatient services, where the mare is brought in for the procedure and then returned home, or inpatient services, where the mare remains at the ranch throughout the breeding process.

Before any procedure, per cycle management charges must be settled. Dr. Lindholm utilizes transrectal palpation and ultrasound of the mare’s ovaries to determine the optimal breeding time. If necessary, routine hormone treatments are administered to induce heat in the mares.

Semen handling is directly supervised by Dr. Lindholm, who coordinates with stallion stations, veterinarians, or owners to ensure timely delivery according to breeding requirements. During the evaluation phase, mare owners can discuss payment arrangements, choosing between individual service fees or bundled packages tailored to specific breeding cycles.

This setup guarantees that mare owners receive personalized and expert care throughout the breeding process, with flexible payment options to accommodate individual preferences.


Artificial Insemination Package 

Cooled or Fresh Semen Mare Management Package       $   575.00 (per cycle)

*Due when mare arrives for breeding

Per Cycle Package Includes:

  • Single Prostaglandin Injection (to “Short Cycle” mare)
  • 10 Transrectal Palpation/Ultrasound Examinations (during breeding cycle)
  • Ovulary Inducing Agent (One dose/one drug per cycle)
  • Artificial Insemination (Two inseminations per cycle)
  • Semen Shipper/Equitainer Return (Once per cycle when applicable)
  • Pregnancy Diagnosis Transrectal Palpation/Ultrasound Exam

Flat rate does NOT include fees for board, diagnostic tests (i.e. Uterine Culture/Cytology, Uterine Biopsy, etc.), breeding/reproductive related treatments (e.g. uterine lavage, intrauterine infusion antibiotics, administration oxytocin etc.), sedation to facilitate procedures, or any medications/medical care mare (or foal) may need.



Explanation of Embryo Services 

In House Management Donor Mare ($900/cycle) *Does not include transfer of embryo(s) fee

  • Services includes transrectal palpation/ultrasonography, insemination, ovulation inducing drug administration (e.g. hCG or deslorelin or histrelin), return of equitainer (one per cycle when applicable), prostaglandin administration to short cycle the Donor mare, and embryo collection flush for ONE cycle.

Embryo Flush from Alternate Breeding Center ($500/flush) *Does not include transfer of embryo(s) fee

  • Services includes ONE embryo collection flush and prostaglandin administration.

Shipment of Embryo(s) to Bandalero for Transfer into Recipient Mare ($350)

  • Service includes non-surgical transfer of shipped embryo(s) into recipient mare(s) for EACH embryo for ONE shipment.

Embryo Vitrification ($350/per embryo)

Services include processing of embryo(s) with cryoprotectants for “freezing”/storage in liquid nitrogen. Separate charges apply for warming/transfer of embryo and long-term storage.

Management of “Client Owned” Recipient Mare ($650/per cycle)

  • Services includes transrectal palpation/ultrasonography, ovulation inducing drug administration (e.g. hCG or deslorelin or histrelin), prostaglandin administration to short cycle Recipient mare, in attempt to synchronize with Donor Mare of ONE cycle.

*The ownership of the recipient mare by the client does not guarantee the achievement of synchronization. Bandalero Ranch (BR) staff retain the authority to transfer any collected embryo(s) from the donor mare into the uterus that is deemed more likely to achieve pregnancy. This decision is based on synchronization and the results of transrectal palpation/ultrasonography at the time of transfer. The recipient mare may belong to the donor mare owner or Bandalero Ranch.



Explanation of ICSI Services

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is a technology that has seen a great development in recent years and is now widely used among breeding programs, especially those involving high performance individuals. This technology consists of several steps, initiating with the collecting of oocytes straight from the ovaries, in a process called Ovum Pick-Up (OPU). These oocytes will be matured and fertilized in a laboratory, and subsequently developed embryos will be cultivated until it is time to transfer to a mare or freeze. During fertilization, each oocyte will be fertilized with the injection of a single sperm cell in a remarkable technique that helps name the whole process. From the OPU to
transferring/freezing, the process can take up to two weeks.

Call today for more information about our new service!


Board Fee Schedule **not included in Package Price

  • Dry Daily Board (Mare only)                                              $ 25.00
  • Wet Daily Board (Mare with foal on side)                      $ 28.00

Miscellaneous Reproductive Services                                                                

  • Transrectal Palpation & Ultrasound
  • Twin Reduction
  • Uterine Lavage
  • Intrauterine Antibiotics
  • Uterine Culture and Sensitivity
  • Uterine Cytology & Interpretation
  • Uterine Biopsy & Interpretation

Additional diagnostic tests and treatments recommended for the management of mares, not listed above, will be discussed with the owner on a case-by-case basis. While every effort will be made by Bandalero Staff to achieve and maintain mare pregnancy, it is important to note that there is no guarantee of successful pregnancy.