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Mare breeding services include artificial insemination with fresh, shipped-cooled or frozen thawed semen. Services are provided on an out-patient basis (i.e. trailer-in) or inpatient basis (mare housed at Bandalero Ranch for the duration of services). All services are charged before procedure(s).
Dr. Lindholm determines the optimal time of breeding by a transrectal palpation and ultrasound of the mares ovaries. Routine hormone treatments are administered as necessary to bring mares into heat. Dr. Lindholm determines when semen will be needed to bred the mare and handles the shipping of semen directly with stallion station, veterinarian or owner. Veterinarian and mare owner can discuss at time of mare evaluation whether al la carte fees or purchasing a breeding pre cycle package is more appropriate.

Artificial Insemination Breeding Management Package for use with
Cooled or Fresh Semen

Management for Artificial Insemination Breeding       $   575.00 (per cycle)

*Due when mare arrives for breeding

Per Cycle Package Includes:

  • Single Prostaglandin Injection (to “Short Cycle” mare)
  • 10 Transrectal Palpation/Ultrasound Examinations (during breeding cycle)
  • Ovulary Inducing Agent (One dose/one drug per cycle)
  • Artificial Insemination  (Two inseminations per cycle)
  • Semen Shipper/Equitainer Return (Once per cycle when applicable)
  • Pregnancy Diagnosis Transrectal Palpation/Ultrasound Exam

Flat rate does NOT include fees for board, diagnostic tests (i.e. Uterine Culture/Cytology, Uterine Biopsy, etc.), breeding/reproductive related treatments (e.g. uterine lavage, intrauterine infusion antibiotics, administration oxytocin etc.), sedation to facilitate procedures, or any medications/medical care mare (or foal) may need.

Board Fee Schedule **not included in Package Price

  • Dry Daily Board (Mare only)                                                $ 25.00
  • Wet Daily Board (Mare with foal on side)                        $ 28.00

Miscellaneous Reproductive Services                                                                

  • Transrectal Palpation & Ultra sound
  • Twin Reduction
  • Uterine Lavage
  • Intrauterine Antibiotics
  • Uterine Culture and Sensitivity
  • Uterine Cytology & Interpretation
  • Uterine Biopsy & Interpretation

Other diagnostic tests and treatments recommended for management of mare not listed above will be discussed with owner on case by case basis.  While every effort will be made by Bandalero Staff to get and keep mare pregnant, there is no guarantee of successful pregnancy with payment.