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What Our Clients Are Saying

Knowledge, Skill, and Stamina

While shopping with her infant daughter at Costco on April 1, 2013, Dr. Alicia Lindholm DVM, received an emergency call concerning an immature struggling newborn foal. She responded immediately and was with the foal through the night (Dedication). After days of treating the foal with IVs, feeding tube, corrective shoeing, surgery for Patent Urachus, and the mare for lack of milk, the foal pulled through and eventually thrived (Knowledge, Skill, and Stamina).

Since then, Dr. Alicia has saved my horse’s eye, treated nasty habronemas, colic, and lameness. She has diagnosed Cushing’s, performed euthanasia and monitored dental work (Education and Work Ethic).

Although proficient in all of the above, Alicia’s expertise is in equine neonatal care, embryo transfers and implantation. In four years, Bandalero Ranch and Dr. Alicia have helped produce by embryo transfer 7 foals from one aging mare. Alicia has the uncanny ability of remembering the idiosyncrasies of each client mare and the recipient mares of Bandalero (Smart and Enjoys Her Work).

Suzanne Rogers is a business woman as well as a hands on owner (Responsible, Capable). Both she and Alicia are pleasant to work with and charge a fair price at a state of the art facility.

By: Amy Ford, Tucson

A Grateful Heart

When I say “Bandalero” it is with a grateful heart and a smile on my face. They have been a part of our breeding success from day one. Our mares are always well taken care of and leaving them there is stress free. Knowing that they are getting the best care available in Tucson. Dr. Lindholm is at the top of her field in knowledge. Suzanne always greets you with a genuine smile and cares from the heart.

By: Marble A Ranch

Thank you!

Suzanne & Alicia, I want to thank you for everything you did for my horses. Your facility is beautiful and I had no worries knowing they were there with you all. I appreciate all your efforts and quick responses to all my annoying messages and calls. I sincerely hope to see you in the future.

By: Garrell Williams


Over the past year, we augmented our training program by employing the HydroHorse three times per week for non-concussive exercise to build muscle and endurance in our young dressage horse. Our “Custom Saddle” fitter was astonished with the changes over a 5 month period, commenting that our young horse went from pony-like to an impressive dressage horse nearly overnight. The transformation was astounding. The bonus: the horse loves it!

We recently added HydroHorse therapy to a rehabilitation program designed specifically for another horse that is recovering from occult lameness and poor endurance. We have witnessed positive changes in suppleness and endurance within the first month.

The availability of HydroHorse with the ability to customize speed and depth to achieve specific rehabilitation and training objectives, plus trained and caring rehabilitation staff, the presence of resident veterinarian, Dr. Alicia Lindholm, and the premier training services of Laura DeCesari, make Bandalero Ranch the 'equine' training and rehabilitation crown jewel of Southern Arizona.

By: Alison

First Rate Facilities

Bandalero Ranch is a first rate facilities with all you and your horse could ask for in the desert. We came from the Eastcoast and it is the closest thing to home. Big stalls with a runout. Hot walker and a huge covered arena allows us to train all year round. The fans help keep us cool in the summer heat which is a life saver. Having a vet on the premises had been invaluable. Suzanne runs a great barn and the service has been wonderful. Lorenzo and I feel spoiled...by the barn and of course think our trainer Laura is simply amazing too!

By: Michelle M.

Happy Boarders

We have been very happy boarders at Bandalero Ranch since February 2011. Most importantly, our horses have been happy. The amenities and facilities are superior, in particular the covered, lighted arena with huge overhead fans keeping the temperature tolerable on the hottest days. Having a veterinarian and veterinary assistant on site is a tremendous feature. Indoor wash racks with fully adjustable water temperature allow for year-round showers. The footing in the stalls and arenas is excellent, and the automatic water troughs are regularly cleaned. We feel particularly lucky to be in a facility where the owners, Suzanne and Don Rogers and manager Zak Borgwald are caring, compassionate people who have the best interests of the horses and their owners at heart.

By: Dr. Jay and Linda Gorsky

Never Experienced A Problem

Bandalero Ranch has well groomed covered and open air rings, friendly staff and clean stalls. During our three years we have never experienced a problem with boarding services. Bandalero Ranch runs a tight ship! The on-site veterinary office has also been very useful and Dr. Alicia Lindholm is an excellent vet.

By: Thomas U.

Some of the Greatest Blessings of My Life

Bandalero Ranch and Dr. Alicia Lindholm are some of the greatest blessings of my life. Their level of expertise and customer care (for both horse and human) exceeds all expectations. It would be impossible for me to give them a high enough recommendation. Whether you are seeking assistance with breeding, training, boarding, or healthcare maintenance and products for your horse, they set the standard for excellence!

By: Elizabeth Dawson Rose & AM Feisty Flavius

Has Much To Offer

Sysco and I came to Bandalero Ranch to escape the fridigde cold of Minnesota. What a delight to ride in the warm weather! But more so, Bandalero has much to offer! Crystal clean watering troughs, stalls that are impeccably mucked, and a riding and training facility beyond words. Bandalero is friendly, professional and reasonably priced. I plan to return each and every winter.

By: Lynda Frayne

I go to the veterinarian for my horse breeding and other specialty needs. Dr. Lindstrom is excellent with my horses and provides great care.

By: Cat D.

Bandalero Ranch is the ultimate horse training and boarding facility. The stables are kept clean, the horses receive the best care, and the trainers excel at their craft. This Tucson facility has an absolutely huge covered arena that is illuminated and even has fans to keep horse and rider comfortable during our long and hot Tucson summers. All of the staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and polite. We love our trainer, Laura, and look forward to every lesson at this superb facility. If you’re looking for a superior equine experience, you will not be disappointed with Bandalero Ranch!

By: Pamela Kothe

I was very fortunate two years ago to receive a gift certificate for Western riding lessons at Bandalero Ranch. I have always loved horses but seemed to never have the time to realize my dream of owning a horse and learning to ride properly. Since then, I now own my own horse "Cooper" and we have been fortunate to continue our lessons at Bandalero with Staffan Nielsen. I cannot speak highly enough of him! He is a very good horseman and very patient with both "Cooper" and myself. I have learned so much about the correct way to ride and have enjoyed my lessons thoroughly. One of the best things about my lessons is that if I cannot seem to learn something one way, he is very patient and will figure out another way for me to get the concept. I would highly recommend Staffan to anyone who loves horses and wants to learn how to ride!

By: Tracey Loomis

I appreciate that you share your beautiful facility with us. My horse is coming back beautifully from a suspensory injury and i credit the roomy stalls, European walker, etc with helping heal faster than the vet expected. Thank you for your generosity in making such high quality amenities available to all of us!

By: Cori McGaw