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About Us

Located in Tucson, Arizona, we have been showing and breeding working cow-horses for over a two decades. We take pride in our breeding program, which involves breeding with some of the most distinguished stallions in the cow-horse, cutting, and reining industries.

On behalf of everyone here, we extend our sincere gratitude for taking the time to visit our site. We are constantly updating our content, so please check back soon for new additions. Should you have any questions or require further information in the future, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via phone, email, or by using one of the many "Contact Us" forms on our site to send us a message. We eagerly anticipate hearing from you! ~The Rogers Family


Reined Cow Horse Trainer & Assistant Trainers


Ricky Nicolazzia

Resident Trainer

Born into the roar of Ferrari engines in Northern Italy, Ricky's family's automotive legacy was a natural path for many. However, his heart was drawn to a different kind of horsepower – the kind with four legs. At fourteen, he began his equestrian journey on a Tuscany horse ranch, learning under trainer Marco Manzi. Transitioning his passion into a full-time pursuit, Ricky ventured into horseshoeing with a friend's assistance before joining CISAL QH alongside American trainer Don Boyd. Winning the 1994 Snaffle Bit Futurity Open Reserve Championship inspired his career, marked by numerous successes in primary events. His journey led him from Oregon with Bob Avila, then back to Italy where he trained for renowned teams like CISAL QH, AZ Ag Pollarini Piero, and 23QH. In 2009, Ricky embraced a new challenge at Pira’s Cows and Horses in California, fueling the ranch's growth with his success at shows and clinics. Moving into 2016, he worked alongside Andrea Fappani in Arizona for three years. Relocating to Bandalero Ranch in 2019, Ricky seized the opportunity to train cow horses full-time in the stunning Arizona facility. Today, as the head trainer for Rogers Heaven Sent Ranch, LLC., he appreciates the unwavering support of the owners and loyal clients who have accompanied him every step of the way.

Enrico Grande

Assistant Trainer

Enrico's equestrian journey began at seventeen as a recreational pursuit with friends, an unconventional introduction for someone from a family unfamiliar with equine matters. It was his exposure to cow horse videos that sparked his enduring passion for the discipline. Determined to deepen his understanding, Enrico pursued a career as a reiner in Italy, working with esteemed trainers and renowned ranches like Bernard Fonck at 23 QH and Pierluigi Chioldo at Roberta Stables. These experiences provided a comprehensive education under accomplished professionals. Seeking further growth, Enrico ventured to the United States to work with Jay McLaughlin at Aaron Ranch, a pivotal experience in his journey. Upon returning to Italy, he immersed himself in the cow horse industry, achieving notable successes including winning the Italian Derby and securing Reserve Championships in Futurity and the European Derby. Driven by the need for continued growth, Enrico returned to the US to work with Jay McLaughlin again, this time at his ranch in Amarillo. His recent collaboration with Ricky and Heaven Sent Ranch has proven to be the most rewarding choice of his career, for which he is profoundly grateful. Enrico finds daily inspiration in the quote "From nothing. To something. To everything."

Kennedy Crosby

Assistant Trainer

Kennedy's equestrian journey began in Arizona's vast landscapes, where her love for horses ignited early on. Gifted her first horse at five, she developed a deep bond with these majestic animals, thanks to her father's dedication to breaking and training. From roping to barrel racing, horseback riding became her cherished lifestyle. During high school, Kennedy's encounter with her first cow horse marked a pivotal moment, shaping her understanding of riding and paving the way for her future endeavors. Guided by mentors like Sandy Allen and Cal Cooper, Kennedy's skills flourished, culminating in a state championship win during her senior year. Under the mentorship of AL Dunning post-graduation, Kennedy's quest for knowledge thrived, deepening into a cherished familial bond. Embracing the opportunity at Heaven Sent Ranch, she sees it as a crucial step in nurturing her skills and love for cow horse discipline. With unwavering passion and a commitment to growth, Kennedy Crosby stands poised to enrich her journey in the realm of cow horse.