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Laura DeCesari

DeCesari Equestrian

Laura grew up riding horses in many different disciplines including reining cow horse, jumping and dressage. Her focus is mainly on dressage and competes at least once a month at shows in CA, Scottsdale, Tucson, New Mexico, Kentucky and Colorado.

Laura emphasizes horsemanship and “always putting yourself in the horse’s shoes”. Much of this influence has come from large “S” level dressage judge Eleanor Stine-Masek, George Masek and well, experience from riding lots of horses.

Laura attends clinics that her clients attend as well. Some of the clinicians include Debbi McDonald, Steffen Peters, Ruth and Joey Perez, Walter Zettl, Jeremy Steinberg, Carla Symaber, Dr. Gerd Heuschmann, Charles de Kunffy and Charlotte Bredahl.

Some of her biggest accomplishments were getting team gold at the YR championships in Lexington, KY and being chosen by the Dressage Foundation to go on an Olympic Dream trip to Europe and meet and learn from some of the top riders in the world.

Laura is a big advocate of continuing education in herself and her clients. There is never only one right way to do something; it is what works best for each individual horse and rider.

For Training and/or lessons please contract Laura directly at (520) 907-1927 or visit her on the web at Decesariequestrian.com or by  Email.


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