Bandalero Ranch is the ultimate horse training and boarding facility. The stables are kept clean, the horses receive the best care, and the trainers excel at their craft. This Tucson facility has an absolutely huge covered arena that is illuminated and even has fans to keep horse and rider comfortable during our long and hot Tucson summers. All of the staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and polite. We love our trainer, Laura, and look forward to every lesson at this superb facility. If you’re looking for a superior equine experience, you will not be disappointed with Bandalero Ranch!

Pamela Kothe
Tucson, Arizona


I was very fortunate two years ago to receive a gift certificate for Western riding lessons at Bandalero Ranch. I have always loved horses but seemed to never have the time to realize my dream of owning a horse and learning to ride properly.  Since then, I now own my own horse "Cooper" and we have been fortunate to continue our lessons at Bandalero with Staffan Nielsen. I cannot speak highly enough of him! He is a very good horseman and very patient with both "Cooper" and myself. I have learned so much about the correct way to ride and have enjoyed my lessons thoroughly. One of the best things about my lessons is that if I cannot seem to learn something one way, he is very patient and will figure out another way for me to get the concept. I would highly recommend Staffan to anyone who loves horses and wants to learn how to ride!

Tracey Loomis
Tucson, Arizona


I appreciate that you share your beautiful facility with us. My horse is coming back beautifully from a suspensory injury and i credit the roomy stalls, European walker, etc with helping heal faster than the vet expected. Thank you for your generosity in making such high quality amenities available to all of us!

Cori McGaw
High-End Saddles - Tucson, Arizona

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